The Real Estate DoRu James Jones Teaches Strategies to Other Entrepreneurs and Does Them Himself

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2020 / James Jones has a keen eye for investments. Not to mention the fact that he has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and small business ownership. He became a real estate investor to help homeowners navigate the hassles of selling property and help support his family. In short, James Jones became an entrepreneur partly out of necessity and due to his dreams of starting a company.

James Jones isn’t a wannabe entrepreneur. He is an entrepreneur through and through. He is defined by his actions as he teaches others in his entrepreneurial ways. His penchant for doing and teaching has earned him the famous nickname “DoRu.” He is heavily involved in the businesses that he owns in such a way that he is always aware of what goes on at any given point in time.

He routinely gets on the phone to make cold calls the same way he did when he was just starting out on his business journey 15 years ago. James Jones fully understands what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur; he knows that you need to have thick skin, a strong stomach, and be comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.

Entrepreneurs need to constantly adapt to their ever-changing environments, and most of all, they need to have grit. James Jones graduated high school with 8th-grade reading comprehension. He dropped out of college, yet he created his own destiny. He read ten years’ worth of Entrepreneur Magazine from cover to cover and read two to three books a month for the past 20 years. He even managed to sell 7 of his fourteen businesses’ to turn over a decent profit.

James Jones has also had the privilege to travel to the most spectacular places in the world. He invested a lot of time and capital into several other companies, and he has worked with a lot of successful business people in the industry. This pretty much shows how much stake he has in the industry, and how much of his success has been acknowledged by his peers.

James Jones built his brand because he deeply believed that he wasn’t put on this earth to just live an amazing life and keep everything to himself, which is why he wants to pass on all of the knowledge that he has earned throughout his entire career to building entrepreneurs that want to learn from one of the best.

The DoRu stops at nothing to positively impact the lives of his clients. He is very willing to help out others who might have a little trouble with their entrepreneurial journeys. All they have to do is make the first move by reaching out to him on his social media channels.

His business partner, Andrew Adin came to him as a 17-year-old dishwasher, though James saw his true potential and his determination. In about a year and a half, Andrew attained his financial freedom through real estate and officially became The DoRu’s business partner in National Home Buyers, as well as National Discount Properties. Together they have made the brand a Nationwide success, impacting the lives of many people.

James Jones is on an upward trajectory of success. In the near future, he is poised to own one of America’s most well-known real estate investment companies. It’s all thanks to his experiences as a DoRu, as he doesn’t just teach; he also makes his actions speak for themselves. He wants to share his experiences with everyone so that they may avoid any of the mistakes that he has made in the past.

Life can be really hard sometimes, and James Jones shares his experiences in the hopes of finding people that will listen to his story and take it to heart. He wants people to take the risk and grab the opportunities that materialize in front of them, or risk losing their shot at success.

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