Scott Keever on Elevating Businesses and Transcending Challenges of the Times

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 5, 2020 / In this globally competitive world, various players from the business and entrepreneurial landscapes have been on their toes as they strive to leave legacies and make marks in their respective industries. And as someone who has gained recognition for being a frontrunner in his field, Scott Keever has made it his mission to help others stay on top of their games.

Scott Keever, the esteemed founder of Scott Keever SEO, has been in the digital marketing field for over ten years. He has a well-established track record for assisting businesses with their growth. As such, he has been featured in Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, USAToday, and Thrive Global. On top of that, he is also an official member of the Forbes Agency Council.

Known for his expertise in search engine optimization and digital marketing, Scott Keever has worked hard to earn his sterling reputation in the Miami area. And taking the reins on his company, a small but mighty SEO firm, he has charted new directions that allow local businesses to compete with larger entities by increasing their visibility online.

Moreover, the company also turns its clients’ websites into a revenue-generating machine that creates a buzz on social media. As a result, Scott Keever SEO has become an instrumental piece in elevating brands and businesses that need to enhance their reachability.

At a very young age, Scott found himself gravitating toward the thrill and excitement brought by the fast-paced work environment. However, he realized that the thing piquing his interest the most was delivering value to the people he worked with. And stumbling upon this enthralling passion, he decided to dive into a retail sales career for the Fortune 100 Company, Verizon Wireless.

Proving to be a man of remarkable skill and talent, Scott got hold of a management position in the said company. And after fifteen long years of being committed to Verizon Wireless, he went from being an associate to the manager of one of the busiest and most successful retail locations in the country.

Although Scott was doing well in his position at that time, he felt that he was ready to take on a new challenge. And moving forward to the next chapter of his life, the go-getter threw in his analytical, creative, and managerial acumen to the burgeoning economic market. So in 2011, he was able to start a document-filling agency that quickly began generating thousands of dollars in revenue per day.

Pounding the pavement with his marketing flair, Scott mastered the art behind pay-per-click ads and ran major campaigns on Google and Bing. But as he got deeper into his work, he noticed that his revenue stream produced significant inconsistencies. From there, he realized that his venture would be made more valuable if he used a holistic approach that increased revenue and search rankings.

After going through his fair share of challenges and bumps along the road, Scott was finally able to create Scott Keever SEO, an agency emboldened by the vision of helping other small business owners like himself succeed online and in the area.

Today, Scott Keever SEO is prominently known for offering web design, local SEO, social media and reputation management, and many more.

To know more about Scott Keever and his company, you may head on to their website or follow them on Instagram.

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