McCandless Group Produces Millions in Revenue for Their Models Each Month

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 5, 2020 / In the last few years, especially in 2020, online exclusive content platforms pertaining to models have drastically increased in demand among consumers. Although there are several platforms to choose from, these platforms pose many potential risks to the thousands of models who utilize them to build their brands and make a living. The most common issues associated with these platforms are the lack of ownership and control that the model receives, the frightening absence of protection for the models’ uploaded content, the stigmas tied to these platforms, as well as the risks associated with these platforms being linked to their models’ social media accounts. Nick McCandless, a well-regarded and experienced entrepreneur, recognized not only the lack of care these platforms have for their models, but the potential for models in the social media industry to multiply their income by creating exclusive content platforms of their own.

McCandless’ newest venture, McCandless Group, has already begun to shift the industry as many models are quickly realizing the opportunities they have to elevate their careers and maximize their earning potential through their own personal platforms paired with the unmatched mentorship that McCandless’ company provides. McCandless Group offers a full-service solution for models who desire to make a career out of their social media platforms and build a long-term recurring income. Not only do they design, build, and manage fully custom websites for models all around the world, but the technology powering these websites continues to advance on a daily basis and is fueled by data science, psychology, and constant analysis to ensure that their models are maximizing their potential revenue. Under McCandless Group’s leadership, models have seen significant increases in their income by as much as 25x what they were earning prior.

McCandless Group takes pride in the fact that they are a true partner with each model they sign, and strongly believe that building a trusting relationship with each individual is a large contributing factor to their success. McCandless understands the importance of mentoring and educating each model on the complicated aspects of the business and makes it a point to never leave them to figure things out on their own as other platforms typically do. He supplies each of his models with the techniques and strategies that have proven to be the most lucrative across the hundreds of model sites he is involved with on a daily basis. Through his expertise and personal approach, McCandless has managed to generate millions in revenue each month for his models, providing many of them with financial freedom as well as an in-depth understanding of the business they are involved in.

Nick McCandless explained that when he first began working with his models to build their personal websites and maximize their earning potential, he saw their lives drastically change in a brief period of time. Many of his models had previously been working in miserable jobs and were having a difficult time keeping up with their bills. With McCandless’ guidance, he watched them transform their lives into something they never thought possible. Whether it’s buying their dream home, no longer being tied to a 9-5 job, or being able to travel the world in luxurious fashion while simultaneously making money, Nick has transformed the lives of numerous models and continues to do so each day. Watching his clients find success in their lives is something that only fuels McCandless to continue this movement and show models across the globe how they can set themselves up for a successful life in a short amount of time.

Although McCandless Group has already found substantial success, they are only just scratching the surface of what they plan to accomplish long-term. McCandless shared that the company has a multitude of partnerships and collaborations lined up that will “shake-up” the digital world. As they continue to exponentially grow each month, he is determined to change not only the lives of each client he works with, but the way people view exclusive content platforms entirely.

You can contact McCandless Group on their Instagram and Website, or keep up with Nick McCandless on his Instagram.


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