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ITALY / ACCESSWIRE / JUNE 4, 2020 / “Take action,” says Steven Basalari (@stevenbasalari). “No matter how big or how small of an action, take action.”

Basalari started at the age of 20-years-old when his father gave him control of one his nightclubs. Steven took massive action, and soon acquired top artists from around the world to perform at his nightclub. Now, Basalari owns a few nightclubs of his own, as well as an e-commerce store that has grown into one of Italy’s highest performing stores.

Basalari struggled at first, but he never stopped taking action.

“Successful entrepreneurs are self motivated people who don’t have to wait for anyone else to tell them what to do,” he says.

Basalari believes a lot of people are handicapped by the traditional school system to wait until someone tells them to do something before they start. He says people do not have that luxury.

“Nobody is going to be looking over your shoulder to make sure you get your work done for the day. Either you get it done, or you don’t. And your business either fails or succeeds as a result,” says Basalari.

Basalari knows that it can be hard to stay motivated.

One piece of advice he has for entrepreneurs is to remain focused on the big picture goals when they are stuck in the trenches.

“People should write out their goals every single day, along with their vision of what their life will look and feel like when that goal is achieved. it’s not enough for entrepreneurs to want to do it for the money,” he says.

He says that if someone is in it for the money they’ll quit whenever that money comes in. He says it’s more important to do it for a reason outside of money.

“Maybe it’s freedom, maybe it’s supporting their family, but whatever it is, it’s not really about money, because at the end of the day money is just paper. What money can buy is something entirely different,” says Basalari.

According to Basalari, entrepreneurs should take responsibility for everything. He says that a lot of people are disillusioned and think that the reason they aren’t successful or happy is because of something that happened in the past or an excuse they might have.

“The final thing for an entrepreneur to realize is that failure is a part of success,” says Basalari.

He admits he’s failed many times and he was tempted to give up on multiple occasions, but he’s thankful he pushed through enough times to realize that failure is an intrinsic part of success.

“Entrepreneurship is an exercise in failure,” says Basalari.

Basalari hopes to help the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed with e-commerce by releasing “Drop Evolution,” a e-commerce course designed to help beginners start a successful business.

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