Gerardo Pablo Gallo: An Entrepreneur in Turbo Mode – His secrets to be more productive

Pure passion and dedication for his work has made Gerardo the founder and owner of two lucrative businesses today, a digital development company and an online ad agency. Here, his story of overcoming, thoughts and secrets to be more productive as solopreneur.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2020 / During the 2001 Argentine crisis, a then 15-year-old Gerardo Pablo Gallo founded FULLServices Network. His objective was to create a free entertainment network that was accessible to the masses. The network was also intended to provide a means for communication and information retrieval for everyone who chose to utilize the resource. At the time, FULLServices Network was comprised of only an email service. Still, as Gallo got a better handle on programming -without a computer of his own, by the way- he began adding more detail to his vision.

Gallo was regarded as an “inventor” at his young age. He spent lots of time at local and regional science and tech fairs, and used his free time to learn about graphic design, programming, and to develop other skills related to the growth of his network. The internet was not quite popular in the area Gerardo lived in, so he was fighting an uphill battle. Even in his youth, Gerardo began to learn exactly what it took to maintain high levels of productivity as an entrepreneur, though all odds were against him.

Today, as the owner of the wildly successful FULLServices AdNetwork, Gerardo Gallo wishes to share the practices that helped him achieve his professional goals, despite the abundance of challenges. Below, you can find the steps that helped this CEO become the entrepreneurial inspiration that he is today.

How to Increase Your Productivity as An Entrepreneur:

1. Use Time Blocks. “Going with the flow” is one thing. Lacking a solid plan for your workday is another. To maximize your time and maintain your concentration as you work, designate mini-blocks of time throughout your workday to focus on one specific task at a time. This will help you achieve maximum efficiency and assist you in prioritizing the most essential work above secondary tasks that can be addressed later in the day.

2. Set Goals for Better Accountability. Setting concrete goals will help you in holding yourself accountable for your work, allowing you to adhere more strongly to the tasks required to achieve each milestone. You will have a clearer vision of the ultimate purpose of your work, which will also serve to boost motivation. Whether it is just for the day or for the entire workweek, share your goals with a coworker or friend. This way, you will have someone to report to if you do or do not complete a task.

3. Dont Force Yourself to Multitask. Although it is commendable to be able to multitask, you do not have to multitask to achieve high levels of productivity. At times, multitasking can backfire, as you become unable to focus on one task at a time. Bouncing from task to task can leave jobs completed insufficiently, forcing you to backtrack to fix any oversights and the like.

4. Remove Any Distractions. Remove the sources of any possible distractions by turning off your phone to distance yourself from social media, text messages, and other notifications that may derail your concentration. You can also set timers on your computer for when you’re able to access PC games or streaming sites, for example.

5. Learn to Say No. Dedicate your time only to tasks that will actively progress your work goals. Don’t give your energy to projects simply because they’re offered to you. Taking on too many projects or clients at once can quickly leave you overwhelmed. The excessive work will render you unable to devote the proper time and attention to core business needs, such as the design, production, and marketing of your key products.

6. Learn to Delegate. This is an extension of mastering the ability to prioritize work. Remember that you are not expected to do everything yourself! If there is a part of the business process that does not fall within your skill set, or you simply become stretched too thin, it’s time to delegate. Contact your colleagues to redistribute the work in a way that uses everyone’s strengths and maximizes time.

7. Give Yourself a Reasonable Schedule. The surest way to reduce your productivity is by burning yourself out. Give yourself a reasonable schedule by avoiding excessively long work hours and fitting in time for fun and relaxation. Studies have shown that people are much more productive when they have shorter workdays. This contributes to your wellness by giving you enough time off to rest and regain your energy to be as productive as possible during the workdays. On your downtime, do things that not only help you to rest but rejuvenate you as well. Make sure your time off is completely free of work, so you never feel as if your professional burdens are creeping into your personal life.

8. Dont Rush Your Work. Productivity is not synonymous with speed! You do not have to force yourself to complete things quickly. The best work is that which is given the appropriate amount of time and attention. Allocating too little time to your work will inevitably lead to mistakes and a lower quality product in the end. Give yourself enough time to produce, edit, and review your work as necessary.

Today, by maintaining productivity levels in the ways listed above, Gerardo has realized his childhood entrepreneurial dreams. FULLServices AdNetwork is presently based in Córdoba, Argentina, and monetizes all +25 sites belonging to FULLServices Network. It now services advertising campaigns for many international companies. Clients of his agency span from the United States to Canada, including Spain. The company now serves performance and branding ads more than 17 million people around the world and is a remarkably successful advertising agency.

This businessman has been an entrepreneur all his life. He has had ample time to build his skill set to discover the best practices for entrepreneurial work. Following the guide above will help you to increase your productivity and achieve your dreams of being a trailblazing entrepreneur in the same way Gerardo Pablo Gallo has.

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