Devansh Sharma Shares How He Helps 7 & 8 Figure Brands Optimize Their Profit Margins

NEW DELHI, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 3, 2020 / Devansh Sharma is one of the leading young minds in the e-commerce and info product space. While still in high school this young entrepreneur has had the top brands in the supplement industry come to him for conversion focussed strategies and landing pages.In an interview with Devansh a couple of weeks ago, we asked him how he’s helping these brands increase their conversion rate and AOVs, what effects the current pandemic has had on the internet marketing space. Along with where he would like to be in the future.

Here’s the conversation:

What’s your number one tip for e-commerce brands?

It would be hard to classify something as number one as various factors come into place which determine how your pages convert. But if I was to start a new brand I would start off with an irresistible offer – you have to bait your target market with an offer they can’t refuse. How does one make an irresistible offer? Probably something low in price, solving a major issue for the market or having multiple products being offered for free when a customer buys a single product. I’ll give an example – imagine if you are a dog lover looking to buy food for your dog and see 2 brands offering similar products with the same price ($50). One brand offers you additional things with the dog food – some of them being 2 free guides/e-books on dog health and training your dog. The second brand just offers the dog food. Which one are you gonna go with? The one with a better offer. Your better offer must provide more value to the customer, so, don’t just put in anything in your offer stack. You later on upsell them with high priced products to increase your average order value. This in turn will lead to more people purchasing your product and you having greater profit margins. These strategies won’t work properly if you are selling on amazon, so, expanding to platforms like Shopify & ClickFunnels is the best option

What are your plans for this year?

Well, I anticipated a market crash for 2020 but didn’t expect it to be caused by a virus. So, some plans had to be cancelled and I had to come up with new ones. The one that did not get cancelled is my 10 minute funnel building software. It’s still in the making but it’s gonna help most businesses generate funnels with pre-built templates curated for their macro niche. This way most people would have to avoid paying thousands of dollars to get funnels built which barely convert.

How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?

It started when I was 16, I tried selling beats to rappers but was barely making any sales. I read DotComSecrets by Russell Brunson which was the turning point for me. That book got me interested in funnels and in marketing as a whole. I wasn’t doing well with selling beats and I started to lose interest in music production. I tried dropshipping but failed miserably. I ended up learning funnel design which led me to learn more about CRO.

Where do you see the future of the internet marketing space going?

A Lot of the businesses which sell generic products and services with no stand out features will be perishing in the long term. A few ways to deal with it would be – solving problems no one else is solving, entering into an untapped niche, positioning your offers in a unique manner and lastly trying out a new traffic source. Majority of the competition is using Facebook Ads, Google Ads and organic traffic from various social media platforms. There still are 50+ traffic sources which barely anyone uses.

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