ViRvii, Inc. Announces Launch of ViRvii Education Division and Joint Venture with Change University – New Online Education Platform Making Virtual Reality Technology Affordable at Colleges and Universities

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2020 / ViRvii, Inc., a technology firm that develops proprietary user experiences merging music, art and virtual reality today announced the launch of ViRvii Education, its new dedicated virtual reality educational platform in conjunction with its new strategic joint venture with Change University (Change U), creating a platform that aims to transform the online education experience at the college and university level using virtual reality technology. Change U will deploy the ViRvii platform in a pilot program at the University of San Francisco to bring virtual reality technology to the university classroom for both professors and students.

Juan Dueñas, Co-Founder and CEO of ViRvii, believes integrating the best experiences of entertainment into the educational environment will promote greater learning. “The generation in school today were raised gaining knowledge via their interaction with technology. The aim of our partnership with Change U is not to entertain students, but to engage them in vibrant learning environments. The ViRvii platform is so robust and versatile that this venture is just the beginning of many possible verticals that will grow our user base.”

Change University will operate on top of the ViRvii platform to inspire the next generation of technologically advanced and motivated students, and to work with leading-edge, innovative colleges and universities to be early leaders in VR, the next step in the evolution of education.

“Few people would argue that people learn best by doing,” notes Change U’s CEO Don Batstone. “Unfortunately, higher education provides negligible opportunities at the moment for students to be active in their learning. An all too common sight is a classroom full of disengaged, passive and bored students struggling to find personal meaning of the topic at hand.”

The VR classroom will provide a dynamic and interactive learning environment. VR offers students the opportunity to see and experience; act and react; think and emote; lead and follow – in short, to learn by mentally and physically “doing” and to discover the relevancy of the instructor’s curriculum.

The platform will be a fully immersive and stimulating environment, where students feel inspired and motivated to learn. This is the future of education.

About ViRvii, Inc.

Bringing Virtual Reality to Art™

ViRvii is a technology firm that was founded to serve at the crossroads of art, music and virtual reality enabling users and content providers to customize and share their own virtual reality experiences in either a private or public setting.

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About Change University

Change University (Change U) is a for-profit enterprise dedicated to providing innovative solutions to complex issues facing the field of education worldwide, including Educational access and delivery to college and university students.

Change U joins a plethora of technology experts in proclaiming VR as the natural, next step in the evolution and transformation of education. The reason for this is clear: VR offers a dynamic, highly engaging and immersive technology that leads to more effective learning than traditional teaching methodologies, including current online instruction.

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