Scholar Within Announces Free At-Home Reading Program Due to COVID-19

AUBURN, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 9, 2020 / This pandemic has made it extremely challenging to be a parent right now. Parents need to work from home, while their kids go to school from home, and figure out how to calmly establish a new normal amidst COVID-19. It sounds so easy.

To help, Scholar Within has decided to offer their At-Home and Online Reading Program at no cost for one month during shelter-in-place This way, families can give their kids reading instruction that makes a difference. Technology is a lifeline for everyone, now even more important during shelter-in-place or self-isolation orders.

Scholar Within is a family-run company that is passionate about making learning easy for all kids. They want to be sure no kids are left behind. Their goal is to find creative ways to support families in getting through what might feel like an overwhelming reality.

Scholar Within’s program is unique in that it is delivered online, with video lessons, printables, and offline activities that enhance learning. The program is not exclusively web-based, as long-term retention increases when you also include offline activities such as writing, brain-body activities, and more. It is designed for parents to work with their children. With grades K-3, most of the activities are done with the parent and child together. For grades 4 and above, there are a couple of activities done with the parent and child together and the rest the child can do independently.

Scholar Within co-founder Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET states: “With so much going on in our lives and the uncertainty of when schools will reopen, it is difficult to fit lessons into our day. With our platform, you can improve your kids’ reading and learning skills in 45 minutes a day. The activities can be done in 5 to 15-minute increments. This makes it more accessible and consumable in our modern lives. We provide quality research-based educational content for families to use in their own daily time-frame to improve skills at home. The reading program offers a variety of activities and games that help cement learning.”

Three Things Parents Can Do to Improve Reading Skills in 45 Minutes a Day:

Reading Fluency Training. Reading accurately from left to right for just 5 minutes a day will improve foundational reading skills. It can help every child, no matter their reading level. Get rid of the flashcards, silent reading, and reading lists of words. Reading fluency training through drills has proven to be more effective and efficient.

“We read across, not down. Kids need to master the art of eye-tracking, just like a skilled athlete works on improving eye-tracking skills to catch, throw, and hit the ball,” says Terry.

Listen, learn and do. Kids have not actually learned something until they act on it. Scholar Within’s reading program uses custom-designed graphic organizers to show kids how to easily take notes from what they read. Graphic organizers help people organize their thoughts and are a visual aid that helps with memory skills.

“If we ultimately want to teach our kids to be good thinkers, we have to show them how to take action on what they are learning,” says Terry. “Writing is the doing part of thinking.”

Play games and have fun. Reading and learning games can establish an emotional connection with reading and writing. Scholar Within’s reading program includes card games that improve vocabulary and phonics skills.

Parents, Students and Researchers alike celebrate the gains:

“I wanted to let you know how thankful we are for your amazing program. Both our boys have learned so much in these past six weeks of doing your program. My son who is six years old didn’t like to read/struggled and now he’s loving it. He asks me to take him to the library every week. He also couldn’t wait to work on his crossword puzzles every week. Our oldest loved working on his reading comprehension and taking notes. We have seen them grow in ways we never thought possible. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program that’s so effective!” says Sarahi R.

“Your program has so many great things in it. I have seen improvements, and I have gained insight into how my daughter reads and processes (or lack thereof) the reading assignments. Thank you so very much! The whole-brain approach to improving reading has been very insightful,” says Christine P.

“We love your program because we have five solid years of data supporting your work,” says the author of S’cool Moves for Learning, Debra Wilson.


Scholar Within, Inc. specializes in boosting reading and learning skills for kids in grades K-8. They use systematic, short, and incremental lessons. By spending time in bite-sized chunks, kids can more effectively and efficiently improve learning skills.

Scholar Within’s approach is fundamentally different from traditional education. Their learning programs work on one’s visual, auditory, and tactile sensory systems to make one’s brain work more efficiently. They also give practical, systematic tools to use in other academics and in life.

Scholar Within, Inc. was founded by Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., BCET and Nick Terry. Bonnie Terry is a board-certified educational therapist with over 35 years of experience. Nick Terry is a design and technology expert who has been building websites for 20 years.

Over the past 5 years, Nick and Bonnie have teamed up. They have made Bonnie’s holistic teaching methods approachable and intuitive for parents to use at home with their kids.

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