This Bun Can’t Be Eaten! Taiwanese Artists Release Pineapple Bun That Never Expires

TAIPEI, TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2019 / BAO-Handmade wool felt studio in Taiwan presents a springy, tactual, loose bread that is not made from flour. The artists create exciting bread art through outstanding wool felt skill.

Three years ago, the 36-year-old Navy Sergeant – Lei Bao, started her “bread business” in her hometown after she retired, but the raw material she uses is not flour, it is “wool.” Today, the imaginary breads are exhibited in various cities in Taiwan. In Taiwan, the people do not necessarily know Lei Bio, but when they see the bread, most people know she is “Wu Pao-Chun (A Bread Baking Master in Taiwan, 2010 les Masters de la Boulangerie champion)” in the wool felt world.

From the very beginning, BAO-Handmade’s founders Lei Bao knew, in order to separate the work of handmade wool felt from other mass-produced goods on the market, they need to create something completely different. She decided to let this product be combined with the memories of the people. In Taiwan, everyone has eaten “pineapple bun” from small to large. Pineapple bun is kind of sweet bun predominantly popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong and also common in China-towns worldwide, the name originated from the fact that its sugary top crust is cooked to a golden-brown color, and because its checkered top resembles the epicarp of a pineapple.

To give this bread its distinct identity, BAO-Handmade is not just making pineapple bun silhouette with wool felt, she presents all the characteristics of the bread on the artwork, including touch, weight, fluffiness and other characteristics. They decided to integrate experiential artworks into the memory, life, and culture, enhancing the experience that customers have through this artwork.

Hang on to her dreams: it’s time for a career move

Lei bao graduated from high school, she decided to enter the military academy and later promoted to a navy sergeant. After 16 years, she decided to retire. In Taiwan, retiring from the military after 20 years will enable one to receive a monthly retirement payment for life, but Lei Bao gave up the opportunity and started her wool felt business. She said “I hope that I can live a life with a soul, a feeling that can talk to my dreams, which will satisfy my soul.”

Since 2016, Bao handmade has become the most famous wool felt art work brand in Taiwan. The most popular pineapple bun in the form of a crossbody bag is about USD$53. Many fans buy it from the United States, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom.

New book of wool felt

In August 2019, BAO-Handmade Felt Studio published “BAO-Handmade Needle Felting Retro Food Time”. This is the first needle felting book on the market with the theme of Taiwanese Classic Food.

In this book, Lei Bao and her team teach readers to make flexible bread with needle felting, record the ancient taste of Taiwanese food with stories, and record the basic skills of needle felting. Let you learn the techniques of “gradient colors” and “assembly” and make lifelike food. Works of the same color, shape and feel.

The book comes with “Pineapple bun material Package”, teach the reader to make lifelike bread that looks crisp and delicious!
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ISBN: 713375690344

About BAO-Handmade wool felt studio

BAO-Handmade Wool Felt Studio was established in 2016 to produce table bread, traditional pastries and country cuisine with needle felting. The works are full of emotions and Taiwanese spirit, and have won many awards and media interviews. The studio can order Handmade products, or you can book a lesson.


2019 Creative Expo Taiwan “Cultural and Creative Award”
2017 Eslite Expo “Chinese Zodiac Year Boss” Boss Star Award


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