Richard L. Taylor’s Book Provides Insight Into The African American Community Sinking Deep Roots In Martha’s Vineyard

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2019 / Richard L. Taylor’s career includes projects in the retail, residential, and commercial sectors.

Richard L. Taylor’s high level of education and years of hands-on experience that enables him to be a wearer of many hats.

Richard L. Taylor’s expertise lies in the commercial and retail industry. He also specializes in many social areas.

Richard L. Taylor is knowledgeable about micro-housing, construction compliance, and urban economic development policies.

It is accurate to say that this Boston lawyer and real estate executive is an experienced leader.

Richard L. Taylor Boston has managed government agencies and divisions of major companies. He also supervised university programs.

Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Taylor-Smith Companies. Richard L. Taylor Boston’s role involves managing many real estate business entities. Along the way, he also found time to write a book.

The book is about Richard L. Taylor’s favorite place to visit as a child, Martha’s Vineyard.

Richard L. Taylor’s book is a 2016 paperback called, “Martha’s Vineyard: Race Property and the Power of Place.”

It explains how Martha’s Vineyard is a place absent from discriminatory culture.

As early as the 19th Century, the island had enabled African Americans to buy properties. A cultured atmosphere led to the sinking of deep roots by the African American community.

Richard L. Taylor’s book reveals a historical narrative. It shares how the island increased cultural, intellectual, public policy, and social activities.

Martha’s Vineyard is a place of understanding and enlightenment. The island’s receptive environment is why many African Americans call it home.

The book sheds light on the vital relationship between Martha’s Vineyard and the African American community.

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