RESET Bioscience & SanTe Labs Manufacture Revolutionary CBD Technology to Help Deliver Effects Faster

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 3, 2019 / The cannabidiol (CBD) industry is booming, and more and more companies continue to join the opportunity bandwagon. Since the full legalization of hemp and hemp-derived materials with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has made appearances in beauty stores, pharmacy retailers, and coffee shops alike.

But as the market grows, so does apprehension about the current lack of regulation of CBD products. While the FDA polices mislabeling and misleading claims, there is no regulatory oversight for the manufacturing and sale of CBD – which means there are effectively no industry standards for quality. However, one company aims to revolutionize the CBD sector with technology and responsible self-evaluation.

RESET Bioscience, based in Austin, TX is an advanced wellness company committed to delivering pioneering research and innovation in the CBD scene. In accordance with its mission of further developing the industry, it has adopted an industry-disrupting formulation method for CBD: the nano-liposome. Nano-liposomes promise faster and more efficient delivery of the compound than traditional CBD products.

Nano-liposomal drug delivery is a pharmaceutical technology developed to increase absorption of compounds that are otherwise difficult to absorb. The nano-liposomes encapsulate the CBD molecules to improve their solubility and bioavailability, allowing the body to take the compound in more easily and experience its effects faster using nano-sized and biocompatible materials.

This technology is what RESET Bioscience utilizes in its CBD product, RESET Balance.

“Nano encapsulation means that users will finally get greater impact of CBD with a delivery mechanism that’s proven to be more efficient,” notes Chris Barber, RESET Bioscience CEO.

Data in support of RESET Bioscience’s revolutionary CBD product has been published in the study “Characterization + Pharmacokinetics of a Novel Nano-Liposome Delivery System Of Cannabidiol,” the first-ever absorption study on a CBD product. The study was presented at a peer-reviewed forum in the recently concluded 2019 Cannabis Science Conference.

RESET Balance brings innovation to the CBD landscape leveraging a thorough and diligent approach to consumer product developed with pharmaceutical drug development standards. RESET Balance utilizes a nano-liposome delivery system to impart apparent aqueous solubility to an otherwise practically insoluble molecule.

Led by pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Brian Sloat, Ph.D., of SanTe Laboratories, a recent study concluded that “two of the three oil-based CBD commercial comparators had dramatically lower relative bioavailability compared to RESET Balance, indicating more CBD is being absorbed compared to leading commercial comparators used in this study.”

“An individual consuming RESET Balance will experience the benefits of the product sooner compared to oil-based products. RESET Balance had a Tmax of around 5.5 hours, where the commercial comparators were greater than 6.4 hours.”

In agreement with its intention to establish a higher industry standard, RESET Bioscience also guarantees nothing but the purest CBD. The company sources its hemp in rural Colorado, using only fresh mountain water. It then refines and extracts the CBD in a lab to make sure it’s THC-free.

Through its research and product development, RESET Bioscience aims to continue delivering advancements in technology in the CBD industry to benefit the growing market of people who want to experience the best of CBD.

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