Megan Gallagher: A Young Achiever Spreading Awareness About Self-Love

SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2019 / Megan Gallagher is a motivational speaker, an author, TEDX Speaker and Blogger. Driven by the instincts she started getting towards the end of the first year of college, Megan soon dropped out of school to follow her passions and to find a deeper meaning of life.

Megan now conducts workshops for teens and puts on talks where she spreads awareness and talks about the importance of loving yourself, mindfulness, and following your passions

Childhood Scenes

Megan Gallagher, as a child, suffered and severely struggled with panic attacks and chronic anticipatory anxiety. While struggling to do well academically, she also struggled to get through the day. There were many points when she felt alone struggling with her issues, even though she had friends and family who loved her. She craved for a place, or a platform where she could talk about her actual feelings and express herself. She felt that since no one was talking openly about self-love or the symptoms of anxiety, then she was the only one going through it.

When she was in her freshman year of High School, she realized that she needed professional help. She talked to her parents, Ted and Courtney Gallagher. However, she could barely describe the ‘episodes’ she would feel throughout the day. When she started sharing with her parents, her dad exclaimed, “Oh, what you’re feeling is what I felt when I was your age. It’s called anticipatory anxiety, and it runs in our family.”

Megan always felt nervous about flights, long car rides, and school. However, she never shared it with anyone else because she was embarrassed as to how others would perceive her to be. Humor was the tool she used to deflect her anxiety. Throughout the High School period, Megan went to a lot of EFT Specialists, hypnotherapists and cognitive behavioral therapists.

The Turning Point

Megan was 19 when she got physically sick. She started going to the CVS minute clinic, where she was treated for multiple different illnesses. However, the source of her sickness could not be known. She was misdiagnosed for at least seven months when she accepted that taking tons of antibiotics, being in pain and crying to sleep every single night was her new reality. That’s the period during which she made a bucket list that had her dreams on it, such as: making a blog, writing a book, taking acting classes and helping teenagers who battle anxiety.

Megan’s mom, Courtney, started telling her about Anthony Williams, whom is a Medical Medium and possesses intuitive abilities. He can scan people’s bodies and say as to what illness they are prone to, which food they should avoid and what could be the underlying reason for the symptoms. Anthony William’s diagnosis and the treatment worked very well for Megan. A month after she started his protocol, Megan recovered very well and took to the bucket list she had made.

Megan felt she had been given a second chance at life, and hence, she left community college to follow her dreams. She followed her heart and started going to the networking events, trying improve classes, started her YouTube Channel, started going to meditation and wellness retreats and self-published her books.

Career Graph

It was in November 2016 when she realized that it was time to put her passions together, follow her intuition, and make a career out of doing what she loved. Her passions were storytelling, entertaining others, being on stage, writing, and health/wellness. She made up her mind that she wanted to be a self-love coach for teenagers. By June 2017, she had coached approximately 200 teenagers. She started speaking at local YMCA’s and Boys & Girls clubs for free. Later on, she also spoke at Middle Schools and High Schools in California. She gave her first TEDx Talk on March 8th, 2019. At a very young age of 23, she has accomplished a lot, and she aims to be a role model for young adults.

Megan realized the hard way and very early in life that life is a beautiful gift, and the purpose of her life is to help others and spread positivity!


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