Intelligent Demographics Introduces Manni Upsell, Their Latest CX Service

FREDERICKSBURG, VA / ACCESSWIRE / October 17, 2019 / Over the last few years, the customer experience (CX) industry has grown to over $14.5 billion. With e-commerce companies dominating the retail market, traditional “bricks and mortar” retailers are increasingly focusing on their competitive edge-the ability to interact with their customers face to face. It is more important than ever that retailers make these experiences as memorable as possible. Ultimately, this comes down to ensuring that every employee knows exactly how to engage with customers.

Against this backdrop, Intelligent Demographics, a Virginia-based company, has recently introduced a new service to Manni, their existing line of CX and CFM services. Manni Upsell is intended to give retail and banking managers the tools they need to train every team member to provide excellent service.

Manni Upsell utilizes in-store devices that listen to employees as they interact with customers for training sessions. Using deep-learning techniques, it analyzes a number of variables (such as content, tone, and duration) to provide employees with actionable feedback. Management can view real-time data from every one of a chain’s locations, along with reports and historical trends, via an online dashboard available from the Intelligent Demographics Platform

Beyond enhancing the quality of customer interaction, Manni Upsell lets managers create campaigns of different products or services that employees can offer as add-ons to a given transaction. Similar to “you might also like” in an e-commerce store, this can provide a better experience for customers by offering related products that they might have otherwise overlooked. It can also help increase revenue for the retailer.

For now, Intelligent Demographics is primarily targeting service in the retail banking industry; however, they also have offerings for many other verticals, including general retail chains.

Manni Upsell is just the most recent addition to Intelligent Demographics’ Manni suite of services, which includes products such as feedback tablets and customer flow cameras. The Manni suite is intended to provide a comprehensive solution for customer experience measurement and training.

Typical CX measurement approaches use after the fact surveys. However, these types of samples can be out of date and biased. Because it works in real-time, Manni provides a live picture of a store’s customer experiences. This can help alert stakeholders about developments in a store’s performance before a problem starts to systemically develop-letting managers retrain less effective employees and reward the most effective.

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