Humm Announces First Affordable, Wearable Patch for Improving Working Memory

Recent Clinical Trial Measured a 20% Improvement in Working Memory and a Rate of Learning 120 Times Faster than a Placebo After a 15-Minute Session with the Wearable Patch

BERKELEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2019 / Humm, a neuroscience company focused on helping people continue to learn and grow throughout their lives, today announces its new wearable patch for consumers which has been clinically shown to improve working memory, an essential component of learning ability. A neurostimulation device worn on the forehead above the prefrontal cortex–a crucial area of the brain for decision making and learning–Humm uses a safe and proven method of electrical stimulation called tACS informed by 30 years of scientific investigation. In a world-first, Humm has adapted this technology into a new lightweight and comfortable form factor, at a price that makes it accessible to almost anyone–comparable to the price of a cup of coffee.

Unlike other devices designed for sleep or sports performance enhancement which may cost as much as $10,000 for a lab research model or $500 for consumer versions, the new easy-to-use Humm patch is available for about $5 apiece, making it extremely easy for people to simply give it a try, rather than committing to an expensive investment in a complicated device. Humm is targeted at people 40+ who are studying, reading unfamiliar material or learning new skills.

Humm’s technology provides a boost to the prefrontal cortex via its soft patch applied to the forehead like an adhesive bandage. Similar to a conductor using a tuning fork to tune an orchestra, the patch emits a finely tuned tiny electric pulse that ripples throughout the brain and encourages neurons to resonate together at the same frequency. This helps more parts of the brain to be temporarily connected and primed to process new information, immediately improving your working memory and ability to learn, and is sustained for up to an hour and a half afterwards.

In their own successful randomized trial recently conducted at UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck accelerator, Humm replicated the benefits that were first measured decades ago in peer-reviewed research at the world’s top research institutions. Forty subjects were measured for the effects of the device on working memory in comparison to a placebo. The results showed a 20 percent improvement in the volume of information that a person could hold in their working memory for several hours by the tuning of the activity in the prefrontal cortex. This represented an acceleration of the speed at which a user could learn the task involved by 120 times compared to the placebo (see Humm White Paper).

The trial was designed and conducted with oversight and statistical analysis from Humm’s scientific advisory board which includes Dr. Ted Zanto, Director of Neuroscience at the UCSF Neuroscape lab and Dr. Vivienne Ming, internationally renowned neuroscientist and founder of Socos Labs.

“Humm is the first and only technology that has been shown to improve your working memory quickly and measurably,” said Iain McIntyre, CEO and co-founder, Humm. “Working memory is often described as the sketch pad of the mind–where your brain temporarily holds numbers, names, and other facts, and is an incredibly important part of learning.”

According to Dr. Ming, “Working memory touches on intelligence, memory, attention, imagination, and even complexity of thought, which in turn affect life outcomes from health to wealth,” said Dr. Ming. “Technology must always challenge us. When we turn it off, we should be better than when we turn it on. Humm is making this possible for us.”

McIntyre continues, “As children we learn incredibly fast, but working memory starts to diminish in our 20’s and continues declining as we age, and because it seems so unavoidable, we’ve all just come to accept that as we age, we learn more slowly. Humm’s mission is to change that, and to allow people to continue to experience the joy and curiosity of learning for years and years.”

Many businesses and organizations are starting to take notice of Humm’s technology. In fact, the United States Air Force has already ordered their first 1000 patches for use in an upcoming clinical trial in their training academy.

Made from environmentally-friendly fabrics, gels and innovative disposable battery technology, Humm’s patch will be available to purchase in packs or on a discounted monthly subscription. Users receive 12 patches for $60 or $5 per patch each month. It’s easy to put on, like a sticker, and takes seconds to set up.

Humm’s wearable patch is available for pre-order to the public now with delivery in early 2020 through their website,


Clinical Study: Humm White Paper

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Humm is a neuroscience technology company focused on helping people continue to learn and grow throughout their lives. The wearable patch immediately can improve a person’s working memory so they learn faster. Humm is backed by UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck accelerator and various Silicon Valley angel investors. For more information, visit

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