CouponBirds Received Positive Feedbacks From User Survey

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 23, 2019 / At the end of July, CouponBirds pushed out an online user survey to gather feedback from users regarding long-time online service. Seven hundred users have taken part in the survey and submitted their experience with CouponBirds. The team reviewed and analyzed all the information provided by users and felt very glad as the results came out cheerful and inspiring.

The Timing of User Experience Survey

CouponBirds has never stopped trying to provide the latest and accurate promotions and sales information for online shoppers by different means. This year the team witnessed continuous improvements on customer satisfaction and that led to visitor numbers increased a lot. CouponBirds name is mentioned everywhere in the affiliate marketing network for the outstanding performance in promoting and driving sales. Merchants and shoppers both recognize and trust CouponBirds as an authority in the Coupon industry for unparalleled brand coverage and coupon accuracy.

This summer, CouponBirds achieved a staged success in the aspect of the huge user base. CouponBirds team believes it’s a proper timing to gather more feedback directly from users and make further efforts to improve user engagement and retention as they planned to do in the year 2019. Global users is a think tank of CouponBirds which can make CouponBirds not only an online coupon provider but also a considerate shopping assistant for all.

The Cheering Results

CouponBirds survey contains ten questions concerning user experience and satisfaction. The feedback data speaks a lot.

The surveys report indicated that 59.7% of the respondents found or first met with CouponBirds by searching and more than 20.8% of all the participants were recommended to use CouponBirds for the first time by their families and friends. As an online coupon website, it was difficult to obtain returning visits and be the first choice for shoppers, however, 54.6% of participants visited CouponBirds more than three times a week by the survey. It showed the progress CouponBirds team made in improving user retention and the overall quality.

Among those, 39.3% of users visited CouponBirds every day for the best deals and promotions.

Working to provide real valid coupons for users is always the first priority of CouponBirds. According to data pulled out from the survey, CouponBirds helped almost three million users find coupons they need each month. 79% of respondents rated good or excellent in terms of coupon quality of CouponBirds. Another 17.7% of survey participants commented on the coupon quality as the mean level.

The team regarded this positive feedback as a reward from users to their hard work and was determined to keep the high quality of data and service as always.

A huge amount of shoppers came to CouponBirds looking for coupons and left without further engagement before. However, in addition to checking coupons and deals, nowadays 40.7% of users would like to login and receive CouponBirds notifications. 43.6% of them knew and participated in CouponBirds giveaway campaign beginning from the Dependence Day 2019. More than 500 respondents thought major on-site functions worked well even excellently in use, taking a percentage of over 70.8%.

CouponBirds editors and the support team work side by side to solve problems that users meet in coupon hunting, validating submitted coupons, finding new promo codes and deleting expired deals in time. By the survey results, 403 people are satisfied or highly satisfied with those cases solved by CouponBirds. Due to a high satisfaction rate, 91.1% of survey participants are likely to refer CouponBirds to their friends and families as a premium coupon source. But 4.4% of respondents are not willing to recommend using CouponBirds for reasons unknown. Although 91.1% is quite a high percentage, CouponBirds also is aware of various elements that influence user satisfaction and is trying to improve and optimize deficiencies from all sides.

Further Efforts to Improve User Engagement and Retention

CouponBirds is driving millions of sales for partner merchants and has built a strong relationship with thousands of brands and stores. Many of them gain plenty of customers from CouponBirds. To be a trustworthy and authoritative promotion platform and bring additional value to both users and merchants, CouponBirds keeps taking further efforts to improve user engagement in the back to school season and upcoming shopping season in the second half of the year 2019 and always moves towards the best results.


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