AKHAN Semiconductor Inc. Issued Key Patent in Korea Patent Covers Method for Fabrication of Diamond Semiconductor Materials

CHICAGO, IL – Aug. 21, 2019 – AKHAN Semiconductor, a technology company specializing in the fabrication and application of lab-grown, electronics-grade diamonds, announced today the issuance of a patent by the Korean Intellectual Property Office covering a method for the fabrication of diamond semiconductor materials.   This technology is core to next-generation applications in automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, military, defense and telecommunications systems, among others.

Originally filed in 2014, the Korea-issued patent 10-2007051 is the fourth foreign counterpart of other issued and pending patents owned by AKHAN (including US Patent Application #61/513,569) related to the company’s Miraj Diamond Platform products.  With other patents awarded in 2017 and 2018 in Japan and Taiwan, this is the first patent for the Korean market and will cover Korean-based semiconductor electronics.

According to the company, this represents a landmark patent protecting uses beyond existing applications, including microprocessors.   Covering the base materials common to nearly all semiconductor components, the intellectual property can be utilized in everything from diodes, transistors and power inverters, to fully functioning diamond chips in integrated circuitry.

“The award of this key Korean patent and the country’s recognition of our intellectual property is a significant development for our business, underscoring our leadership in the diamond semiconductor space,” said Adam Khan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AKHAN Semiconductor, Inc.  “Korea represents the world’s fourth largest economy and is home to major OEMs such as LG, Samsung and others.”

AKHAN’s flagship Miraj Diamond Glass for mobile displays and camera lenses is 6x stronger, 10x harder and runs over 800x cooler than leading glass suppliers by coating standard commercial glass such as aluminosilicate, BK7 and Fused Silica with lab-grown nanocrystalline diamond (NCD).   Diamond-based technology is capable of increasing power density and creating faster, lighter and simpler devices for consumer use.   Cheaper and thinner than its silicon counterparts, diamond-based materials could become the industry standard for energy-efficient electronics.

“We are delighted to add this latest patent to the AKHAN portfolio of intellectual property safeguards in the diamond semiconductor field, including the ability to fabricate transparent electronics and the ability to form reliable metal contacts to diamond semiconductor systems,” said Carl Shurboff, President and Chief Operating Officer, AKHAN Semiconductor, Inc.  “The award also represents another significant milestone in our ongoing efforts with major defense, aerospace and space system development partners.”


AKHAN is a technology company specializing in the fabrication and application of electronics-grade diamonds as functional semiconductors. AKHAN is headquartered in Gurnee, Lake County, Illinois. Additional information about AKHAN is available on the company’s website at http://www.akhansemi.com/.

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