Innopresso launches Indiegogo campaign for its touchpad-keyboard Mokibo

SEOUL, South Korea, July 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Innopresso, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, successfully launched its smart keyboard “Mokibo” on Indiegogo (

Mokibo is a smart keyboard that combines the functions of a keyboard with those of a touchpad. To convert the keyboard into a touchpad, the user simply places his/her hand over the mouse button. The keyboard’s smart mode conversion algorithm and motion perception technology allow it to be used as a large touchpad together with the user’s existing keyboard without the need for a separate touchpad or mouse.

Mokibo: 2-in-1 Keyboard Embedded with Touchpad

Despite its small size, Mokibo offers a full-size keyboard and large touch pad and can also be used as a portable keyboard. If a laptop manufacturer designs a laptop with the Mokibo module, it can save touchpad space, resulting in a laptop that is approximately 4.3 percent thinner than other models. The laptop’s weight can also be reduced by over 3.9 percent. Mokibo transforms into a touchpad that is three times larger than the average laptop touchpad, allowing the user to control his/her mouse more effectively.

Innopresso CEO Enyoung Cho said, “The function that tablet PC users have the most trouble with is the keypad. Virtual tablet keypads not only fail to offer users the feeling of ‘pressing keys’ like a regular keyboard, but they are uncomfortable to use, especially for document writing, and the use of such keypads often results in a large amount of typos. Because of these inconveniences, people resort to using a portable keyboard and mouse. We believe that our motion-sensitive keyboard ‘Mokibo’ is an effective alternative to using a separate mouse, which is an inconvenience to have to carry around.” Cho went on to say that, even for small desktop surfaces, such as student desks or university lecture halls, a smartphone and Mokibo is enough not only to take notes, but also to edit Excel or PowerPoint files.

In 2012, Innopresso submitted and received approval for a source patent for the technology used to create Mokibo. Since then, Innopresso has submitted approximately 49 patent, trademark, and design applications in Korea and other countries, of which 17 have been registered. In these and other ways, Innopresso has continued to gain international recognition for its technologies.

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