Solar Alliance Enters Smart Home Market with Loxone

Smart Home Technology Provides Strong Synergies with SunBox Residential Solar Product

VANCOUVER, BC, & KNOXVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / May 22, 2019 / Solar Alliance Energy Inc. (‘Solar Alliance’ or the ‘Company’) (TSX-V: SOLR, OTC: SAENF) is pleased to announce it will now offer Smart Home technology solutions to its partners and clients after receiving the technical accreditation and approval to market and install the Loxone Smart Home System. Loxone is a whole home system that intelligently automates core functions of the home, including lighting, climate control, multimedia and security. Loxone technology reduces homeowner tasks, whereas most ‘smart’ products provide access to control more components but add complexity with rarely used functions and multiple apps. Loxone is purpose built for new construction and ideally suited for Solar Alliance’s partner homebuilders and developers who are looking to distinguish their homes with reliable and effective technology features. Loxone Smart Home technology is a natural extension to our SunBox program and raises the bar on what to expect from a high performance home.

“The Solar Alliance team analyzed several smart home technology providers and determined Loxone is the best partner to provide our customers with the latest Smart Home technology,” said CEO Myke Clark. “High performance smart homes are the next evolution in new home construction and this partnership allows us to offer a broad range of Smart Home solutions to our partners and customers. A smart home is not only able to connect a variety of devices, but it can also “think” on its own. That power of connectivity allows homeowners to enhance their lives and take more control over their homes, particularly with respect to energy efficiency.”

The Solar Alliance team is licensed to carry out solar and electrical work in several states and the Loxone Smart Home System will now be offered to all homebuilders in combination with the SunBox residential solar system. In a Loxone Home with the SunBox solar system, home automation can provide better energy efficiency and lower utility costs. With the advent of smart inverters, energy monitors and new generation battery storage, solar energy systems are an important piece of the puzzle of boosting energy efficiency in an automated, smart home. For example, an automated home could “instruct” a washing machine to only turn on if the weather is favorable for solar electricity generation. Or if your battery system has sufficient charge to support the washing cycle without needing to draw electricity from the grid.

Additional benefits of a Loxone Smart Home include:

  • The heating in each room can be individually controlled, which means if you like a warm bathroom in the morning and a cool bedroom at night, your home will take care of this automatically for you. When you’re away from home, the heating is lowered to save energy.
  • Lighting has the power to transform spaces and atmosphere; it offers an excellent way to create beauty and contrast within your home. With Loxone, you can choose from a palette of colors and combine different lights and brightness levels to create your own range of ‘moods’.
  • Multiroom audio allows you to listen to a wide range of music in different rooms of your home and to have your music follow you as move between rooms.
  • In summer, your bedroom blinds will open gradually to welcome in the day, while downstairs the blinds open fully to allow the sunshine to assist with heating your home. At dusk, your blinds will close to give you privacy.
  • Use the Goodnight button for an effortless bedtime routine. One click is all you need to turn off appliances, switch off the lights and arm the alarm, leaving you free to sink into bed and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

“Effective home automation ensures all aspects of your home work together to provide a safe, secure home that is energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Solar Alliance, through this relationship with Loxone, now has a one-stop solution for all of your home energy and automation needs,” concluded Clark.

Myke Clark, CEO

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Myke Clark, CEO

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