Not Just Another CBD Company: An Interview With One of the Founders of Front Range Organics

In a Recent Interview, Founder Colan Scheidenhelm Discussed His Personal Successes Using CBD Oil as Well as What Helps Front Range Organics to Stand Out from the Competition

FOR COLLINS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2019 / Colan Scheidenhelm, one of the founders of Front Range Organics, is pleased to announce that he recently took part in an interview about his company. During the interview, he discussed a number of topics, including how Front Range Organics got started, as well as his own personal successes using CBD oil.

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As Scheidenhelm told the interviewer, now that the country is a few years removed from the frenzy of states legalizing medical and/or recreational marijuana, CBD products are also becoming commonplace in American society. As he noted, consumers can find cannabinoid oil (CBD oil) anywhere from cannabis dispensaries to friends selling it on social media.

The draw of this oil is that it could potentially be a more natural treatment than traditional pharmaceutical drugs for a variety of ailments. As he noted, it seems that alternative medicine in general is gaining traction through the wave of the opioid epidemic and new fears surrounding “big pharma”. When asked if these alternatives, including CBD oil, are really helping people find a more natural relief from their symptoms, the founder of Front Range Organics answered with a resounding “Yes.”

As he told the interviewer, Scheidenhelm began using CBD oil in 2017 to treat pain and headaches that he would have previously remedied with over-the-counter painkillers. When he noticed how well CBD oil worked for him, he wanted to share this new knowledge with everyone.

Scheidenhelm and a group of other Fort Collins, Colorado individuals had so much faith in the new alternative that they decided to team up and build a business around CBD. With the group all having previous business ownership experience, starting a business wasn’t new to them. However, the industry was. Scheidenhelm explained that the mountain of regulations surrounding CBD surprised them a bit and each step of the process took longer than normal. However, he said, it was all worth it now that they get to see firsthand how their products benefited people. For Scheidenhelm, “That’s what it’s all about.”

Scheidenhelm believes that really anyone can benefit from their products, but advises that thorough research on CBD and its various forms should be conducted by each individual before trying it. Individuals with prescriptions should also consult their doctors on potential interactions CBD may have with their medications. As he told the interviewer, many clients of Front Range Organics use the softgels and extracts to help with sleep, anxiety, muscle soreness, and more. The company offers both capsules and extracts of CBD in varying strengths to fit different needs.

Consumers can currently find CBD products on the market in the form of tinctures, capsules, vape liquid, topical creams, gummies, and other edibles. Front Range Organics focuses on providing high-quality products to the customers and hopes to expand their line of CBD treatments in the future.

One feature that helps Front Range Organics stand out amongst competitors is that their products are sourced from an organic local Colorado farm. Scheidenhelm says, “Everything we do is done with organic in mind. That means that our growing, manufacturing, production, bottling, etc. is done with the organic concept in front of our mind.” Front Range Organics holds themselves to OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) standards and is continually reviewing their own extraction process. According to their website, they also subject their products to five separate tests to ensure safety and quality for consumers.

Scheidenhelm admits that there are some CBD oil companies providing poor products, which misinforms the masses on CBD. The general population still has work to do in regards to separating CBD from the stigma of cannabis, and as he noted, horror stories surrounding poor quality CBD aren’t helping. Although CBD is derived from a typical cannabis plant, the oil itself contains less than 0.3 percent THC, which is the psychedelic compound most people associate with cannabis.

In short, Scheidenhelm explains, CBD cannot get a person high. He says with Front Range Organics offering transparent information on the production and sale of their products, hopefully consumers can move past their initial fears or rejection of CBD in order to find a more natural solution to their pain.

When asked about the exciting trends in the industry that consumers can look forward to, Scheidenhelm said that big box stores are becoming more open to shelving CBD oil and shoppers may find it at a few prominent locations very soon. He also was excited about the flood of recent research behind CBD being positive and affirming what he has known for the past year and a half-that CBD can be a legitimate alternative to treating a variety of symptoms.

When it comes to the future of Front Range Organics, Scheidenhelm assures consumers, “That we will continue to give you great CBD Oil products and push the envelope to make sure you are getting the best products around.”

About Front Range Organics:

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