Bitribe, the World’s First Super-Node-Based Exchange, Announces IEO of its Platform Token on April 28th

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 25, 2019 / Bitribe, a cryptocurrency trading platform, has attracted the participation of world’s well-known institutions, media and KOLs. Dozens of famous institutions such as Tron, Consensus Lab, Mars Finance, Block Times and etc. are on the super-nodes list.

Among them, Tron and its founder Justin Sun are world-famous. The price of BTT token, acquired by Tron, increased 5 times in the first public sale on crypto exchange Binance’s own token launch platform, which is called “Binance Launchpad”. The investment vision and performance of Tron have already been proved and recognized by the market.

Headquartered in Singapore, Bitribe is the world’s first super-node-based exchange, backed by strong support from Singapore government agencies and financial institutions. The core team is from JPMorgan, international investment bank, first-tier exchanges and other institutions. The team, led by ex-JP Morgan investor, has sophisticated exchange operation experience.

“We are delighted to receive intentions from such trusted partners, institutions and super nodes. We look forward to progressing our plans to become a leading player in the crypto currency trading market,” Michael Lewis, global director of Bitribe said.

Bitribe is innovative and unique in its form of organization in that it is not simply a trading platform or a company but a new community that its users, namely the community members, can use to execute their rights and interests by holding Bitribe Tokens (BRT), issued by Bitribe.

Bitribe is scheduled to launch its IEO on BRT on 20:00 on April 28, Hong Kong time. BRT is issued in the form of IEO. In order to benefit the community and the super nodes, Bitribe will host dozens of IEOs on BRT all year around, which is similar to China’s “Double Eleven” shopping carnival.

Bitribe has two major characteristics. Firstly, it ensures the fairness of quality projects. In the selection of projects, exchanges are subject to short-term interest, which are prone to unfair practice. In order to avoid such situation, Bitribe decided to hand over the most important rights of project listing to the super nodes. The project was selected by the top-notch investment institution and the media elites. In the long run, it can guarantee the long-term stability and ecological sustainability of the exchange. In addition, 1000 super nodes selected by Bitribe in the future are distributed around the world, which can avoid the situation where the current exchanges are affected by geographical differences. For example, most of the projects on OKex and Huobi are from the Chinese background.

Secondly, such a mechanism is conducive to attract the rapid growth of community traffic and global branding. On one hand, Bitribe itself is based on Roarkfund’s global community resources and super nodes all over the world. In the future, Bitribe will expand its nodes globally. In order to ensure maximum revenue, Bitribe nodes will use the industry influence to actively expand the community of the exchange and promote its brand. On the other hand, the exchange and the listed projects are interdependent. Bitribe has a strict review mechanism for projects. After the projects are listed, Bitribe will provide the projects with the introduction of community resources and users, bringing liquidity.

Zero tolerance for security incidents

Bitribe applies the world’s most stringent security measures to ensure the safety of users’ digital assets. In the financial industry, regulation is not just about the regulation of business and rules, but also the risk management of information technology. Technology risks are also reflected in operational risk as in Basel III. In the event of frequent downtime accidents and security incidents, exchanges will face penalties such as huge fines, license revocation, and internal rectification. For instance, veterans pointed out that some exchanges were forced to leave Japan due to the high pressure of technical system supervision. In terms of security design, Bitribe implements zero tolerance for security incidents. In the technical architecture, an advanced multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture is adopted. The design of the multi-layer architecture greatly improves the performance, security, stability and scalability of the system. In terms of system architecture, Bitribe adopts dual redundant and multi-active architecture design, which is one of the few exchanges in the world to complete the version upgrade without downtime maintenance.

BRT: Long-term holding, with high investment value

BRT is a platform currency, which is essentially a proof of equity that guarantees the custody of secure assets through decentralized node equal rights. The total amount of issuance is constant at 1 billion, with a guarantee of never increases. The multiple mechanisms generally look at the deflationary trend of the token economy model. In the future, Bitribe’s pioneering super-node affirmative mechanism will start a wave of development in the digital currency exchange and even the blockchain world. Let us look forward to it together.

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