The CompactFlash Association Announces CFexpress® 2.0 Specification

CFexpress® 2.0 introduces two next-generation form factors adhering
better thermal efficiency, optimized power and performance for targeted

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The CompactFlash Association (CFA), the organization responsible for
professional removable media specifications such as CompactFlash®,
CFast® and XQD®, and the CFexpress® 1.0 specification, now announces the
CFexpress® 2.0 specification which expands the spec to include two
additional form factors for professional imaging and industrial markets
that require performance and quality recording media for high-speed
capture and transfer.

CFexpress was created to become a standard that can span many market
segments and provide a stable and consistent format to fully leverage
the industry’s R&D investments in technology and help reduce churn in
the market surrounding standardized and proprietary recording media

CFexpress 2.0 increases the portfolio of PCIe based removable Flash
memory cards. The demand for sustained high performance with balanced
power and optimized thermal dissipation shall be met with the new
next-generation plug and play capability form factors.

With now three form factors, CFexpress® 2.0 supports performance levels
to match various market requirements, while maintaining the same
electrical/physical interface and memory/storage protocol. All form
factors leverage the PCIe® Gen 3 interface for higher performance based
on a computing industry storage interface and utilize NVM Express™ 1.3
protocols for fixed length commands, an efficient queuing model, and
very low non-cacheable PCIe accesses per command. This enables access to
a wide range of open standard platforms consisting of mature and proven
drivers, saving development time and effort.

The new form factors are designed to meet specific requirements for
applications in various verticals:

  • Imaging – Improved data rates in enthusiast and professional digital
    single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs), mirrorless interchangeable lens
    cameras (MILCs), drones and video cameras
  • Compute – Low latency external and removable SSDs
  • Enterprise – Faster and more reliable media to store image files,
    software features and configuration files for servers and routers

The three form factors – designated as Type A, with 1 lane of PCIe, Type
B, with 2 lanes of PCIe, and Type C with 4 lanes of PCIe – support up to
a maximum theoretical performance of up to 4000MB/s and offers host
vendors design flexibility with a form factor size.

      Type A     Type B     Type C
Dimension     20mm x 28mm x 2.8mm     38.5mm x 29.8mm x 3.8mm     54mm x 74mm x 4.8mm
PCIe® Interface     Gen3, 1 lane     Gen3, 2 lanes     Gen3, 4 lanes
Stack     NVMe™ 1.3     NVMe™ 1.3     NVMe™ 1.3
Maximum Theoretical Performance     1000MB/s     2000MB/s     4000MB/s

The CFA works closely with its ecosystem of partners to design and
implement specifications that make a difference to the industry. The
board is pleased to help advance the industry.

Mr. Hiroshi Noda of Canon and the CFA co-chairman of the board said, “As
co-chairman of the CompactFlash Association I am pleased to introduce
CFexpress* 2.0. The introduction of these three new form factors will
support both the current and future needs of professional photographers,
videographers and cinematographers and will standardize removable media
storage on the established PCIe® and NVM Express® ecosystems.”

“The CFexpress* 2.0 will enable many hardware manufacturers to create
next generation higher resolution and multi sensor cameras. I am excited
to see what the coming years will bring for the industry,” said Mr.
Nobuhiro Fujinawa, of Nikon and co-chairman of the CFA board.

CFA has recently added several new members interested in CFA’s
next-generation and higher-performance standards. CFA invites host and
media companies interested in supporting the new CFA specifications to
also join CFA as members. Membership enables participation in CFA work
groups and access to draft specifications before they are approved and
available for purchase by non-members. The new CFexpress* 2.0 is
available for members only.

The CFA is also preparing two further specifications. VPG Profile 4
Specification will be released shortly to enable the promise of higher
sustained video performance. In addition, the CFA plans to start
specifications utilizing PCIe Gen4 in order to realize even higher speed
memory cards.

More information can be found at

The CompactFlash®, CFast®, and CFexpress* are trademarks of the CFA and
are licensed royalty free to its members.

The CFA is a licensee of the CompactFlash® trademark and in
turn will license it royalty-free to its members.

PCIe® is a trademark of PCI-SIG.

XQD® is a trademark of Sony.

NVM Express® is a trademark of


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